Can I ask for a printed copy of all the photographs ?

Yes, with your online gallery you may select all the photos you would like printed copies of.


Do you have a limited number of photographs you take during a photoshoot ?

No, I don't create that kind of limitation during a photoshoot, I feel that the important thing is to be able to photograph freely until I feel I have captured the essence of the personality of the baby, child or family.


Am I able to choose more photos apart from the ones that are included in the packs ?

Yes, of course, with the online gallery you may select all the photos you would like to have.  All the selected photos will need to be prepared and edited; depending on the time necessary to prepare the extra images, I will have to send you an estimate for this.


If for some reason I am unable to do the photoshoot, is it possible to reschedule ?

We all have unforeseen and unexpected events in our lives, so if for any reason it is not possible to do the photoshoot on the scheduled date we can reschedule for another day. The changing of date of a photoshoot must be advised at least 48h before hand, but in case of an unexpected event I would ask you please advise me as soon as possible.


What can I expect with a newborn photoshoot ?

The most important is that the baby feels comfortable and secure, this being the main reason why the newborn photoshoot is done in the comfort of your home. So that the photoshoot runs as smoothly as possible, the ideal, is that the baby has a full tummy and is sound asleep. This is so we may be able to put the baby in the various poses without bothering it too much.


My child is a little shy and I am not sure he/she will feel comfortable in front of a camera ?

The meeting before the photoshoot is very important, it is here that I get to know little about the person I will be photographing. The photoshoots are very relaxed and easy going, I prefer to let the kids run around freely, as it is at these times that the most spontaneous and natural images are captured. It will be more of a playful afternoon. I would suggest that only the parents be present at the photoshoot, sometimes a pet (dog/cat) can help the child relax and feel more comfortable.


what should I prepare or organize for the family photoshoot ?

The important is that everyone comes relaxed, layed back and in a good mood. It would be best not to have any prior engagements before the photshoot. In regard to what you should wear, I would suggest keeping away from clothes with large printed images and brands - normally what works best are jeans or shorts and shirts or solid colour tshirts or stripes.

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