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​​I was born and raised in South Africa and at 18 my family and I can to live in Portugal.

Ever since I can remember photography fascinated me, to be able to catch a unique moment in time. Already at a young age I loved taking photos, among friend I was always the one who photographed our outings, birthday parties and special occasions.

I got my first “semi professional” camera as a Christmas gift, I can still remember perfectly which store and on what shelf it was displayed when I chose it. A long time has gone by, the store no longer exists but I still have my camera.

When I came to Portugal I did the photography course at ARCO and it was during this time that I explored and discovered Lisbon. The monuments and old historical neighbourhoods fascinated me and that is how I came to discover this new city that was totally unknown to me. Back then, everything was still analogical - film was used instead​ of memory cards and you had to wait for developing to be able to see the result. I have to admit I do miss that element of surprise a little.

I then majored in Marketing & Advertising and after graduation I went back "home" to South Africa for a 6 month internship in journalism and photo journalism.


At the end of the internship I returned to Portugal and got a job as manager

of the image and communication department of a small growing children's clothing company. It was here that I discovered the joy of photographing children. I fell in love with their charm and spontaneous nature. But it was when my sons were born that I completely fell in love with newborn, baby and child photography, and it was then that I started to seriously think that I could make my passion my profession. As life takes many turns the opportunity has now arose and I hope to be able to do it for a long long time.

Andrea Varela-Afonso
+351 96 578 2654

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